Going Hog Wild After Deer Season

Going Hog Wild After Deer Season Now that deer season is over, many hunters leave their hunting property. They return late next summer to once again prepare for the upcoming season. But many hunters are gaining more value… Read More

Being Scent Free

Being Scent Free “Something is burning. You smell that?” I asked. Instantly trusting my sense of smell that danger may be near. Turns out, my wife had simply lit a candle. Nothing to worry about. But a lesson… Read More

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Keith’s Coffee Venison Recipe

Wake up your taste buds with Coffee Backstrap. I have had backstrap cooked virtually every way possible. One of my favorite ways is to cut the meat in thin pieces 1/2” or less, season to your liking and… Read More

The Time It Takes To Hunt

The best reward for me isn’t the meat or the antlers, but it is the memories each hunt creates.