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Ridiculous $500,000 Salary for CEO of ASPCA

Pet_Nutrition_InformationIn a recent poll, 88% said they would not have donated to the ASPCA if they had known about the CEO’s nearly $500,000 a year salary.

A commenter on the poll put it best, in my opinion: “If you do the math, Say donors donate $20.00 a month each. It would take 25,000 total donor months @ $20.00 a month to pay this salary.. Is this where you thought your money was going when you were donating?”

This is a GREAT example of why you need to research an organization before writing a check. Where is your money going?

Here is the source article.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866. It has more than one million supporters. The agency helps animal poison control, animal assisted therapy, shelter outreach and more. As of December 2008, Edwin J. Sayres earns a salary of $473,998 a year. If he were a veterinarian who treated animals who were abused, he would only earn between $55,000 and $110,000 a year.


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  • Maria E. Aguigui

    I was donating $22/month to ASPCA, until I found out what the CEO’s salary was.


  • Clare

    I planned on leaving the local shelter a monthly amount in my will, BUT now, no way. I don’t donate to the Red Cross or United Way either. I have checked the others that I donate and only the Salvation Army ($13,000 salary-year) will I now donate. The $500,000 would buy a lot of dog/cat food!!!!!

  • Charlie

    There are suckers born every day……it’s amazing that there are such greedy people out there that would lie about their organization. Give to the a veterans organization, their CEO’s receive no pay.

  • randy

    I will nnot be a sucker and fall for those sad commercials when your CEO making over $500,000/yr when I am unemployed. Like so many Americans we have nothing he lives high off the dog.
    Hope no one givea penny

  • gilbert

    I too was going to leave my 401 benificiary to the ASPCA. After hearing this, forget it!

  • Ron

    I’m frickin sick of these bleeding heart non- profit organizations begging for money and using abused animals or children to bring in the money while the fatass CEOs make huge salaries.
    They should have some sort of salary cap like maybe 35-40k.

  • Donald Chase

    If you want to donate, there is a farm for retired circus elephants near Greenbriar, Arkansas. Older couple foot all the bills.

  • Rodica Mihalis

    I was following a discussion on Linkedin (Pet lovers group) and the discussion is controvertial re: puppy mills, breeders,rescues etc.I personally give DIRECTLY to a local rescue and I adopt there. I thought I’d research how much goes to the actual animals and how much to SALARIES. I knew it was bad but the $500,000 for the CEO is ridiculous. I also checked the employees salaries, at ASPSA and they vary between $62,000 to $21,000 a year which is reasonable. Conclusion: the majority of a donation pays a FEW… Please tell me the source of your info. Thanks, Rodica

    • highroadhunting
      • Rodica Mihalis

        Just wanted to say thank you. That “conversation” completely got out of hand. Have a nice day!R

        • Jan Hein

          Jan Hein I couldn’t believe when I found out how much the ceo makes 50,000 A year!!!! I’M a monthly donor & living on a limited income but, I always manage to pay my donation. Now where is my money going to the animals or to the ceo . How can you live with yourself Mr. Ceo. Hoe can you sleep at night. How can you look yourself in the mirror when you wake up every day ???? Esp. when there are animals being abused.!!!& I sometimes get these extra mailings in between my regular payments is that because you need a new benz???? Plus we didn’t even get calendars this year!!! What are you too cheap to not even give us guardians a dam calendars this year!!!!! I can’t think this is fair to the donators & the animals there’s. a lot more I would like to say to you but it might offend some people when I put this on facebook.. Good day or night to you. AN angry guardian.!!!!!!

  • r waggoner

    when your CEO gives up his 500k salary to help???? animals you people can go fuck yourselves
    thanks for the opportunity to address your leader,for he is a greedy scumbag….let him eat dogshit

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