Howdy and thanks for checking out the Hunt with Keith section. We all hunt for different reasons. But for most of us, it’s the joy that the hunt brings us. Sure we take home some fantastic trophies. But the memories are what lasts a lifetime.

If you are interested in joining me on a hunt or maybe just going to one of my favorite hunting locations, this is THE PLACE to do just that. Below you will find links to my personal trophy whitetail ranch in Texas as well as other hunting locations that I have personally visited and will assure you that you will experience the hunt of a lifetime.

Each of these outfitters have been personally checked out by me and I hunt with them myself. They are the top in their category. I schedule my hunts well in advance and at most of the hunting outfits, there are openings for you to come hunt when I will be there. So reach out to these outstanding outfitters to find out what’s available and when I’m going to be there and then come along. I look forward to meeting you and experiencing the Joy of the Hunt together.



Hidden-Springs-Ranch copy
Hunters-Hill copy
Legends Ranch
Hill Sport Hilton
El Chaparral Ranch
Quinlan Ranch