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When we started this YouTube Channel, I funded the channel entirely from my own pocket. We have grown the channel organically to where it is today, by creating quality content and being engaged with our online viewers. We have built an online family of viewers that we are proud of. Our business model has worked and YouTube became our source of revenue to continue producing videos. But that has all changed.

We grew the channel to the point that we were fortunate enough to generate income from YouTube. This income helped offset cost of production of our videos. Keep in mind, the cost of doing business including hunting trips, video production, video gear as well as my office staff must be covered in order to continue producing quality content.

Recent changes in YouTube's monetization have forced me, and other video creators, to reach out to my fans and followers and ask for your support. This isn't just about subscribing to our channel; it’s about financially supporting our channel by becoming a member of The High Road Team.

Here’s what YouTube did to channels like ours. YouTube changed the way they label channels like ours. We are now labeled Non Advertiser Friendly. Even though our channel stands for nothing but the responsible use of firearms, ethical hunting practices and our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This new Non Advertiser Friendly label has made it to where we no longer receive any compensation by airing our videos thru YouTube.

What’s shocking is that this new politically correct label of Non Advertiser Friendly happened overnight. With the flip of a switch they have negatively impacted hunters and gun owners. Imagine what would happen if YouTube decided to remove all videos that have anything to do with hunting and firearms. It could happen. And then what? This move by YouTube sets the stage to expect more political correctness and it does harm to those of us that love the outdoor lifestyle. I’m asking you to please support our channel and become a member of The High Road Team.

I started this YouTube Channel because of my passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoor lifestyle as well as my love for our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I want to share information about the great outdoors with you as well as bring you, my viewers, along with me to experience hunting adventures from all over the world. At the same time we share tips and techniques that will help you become a more successful outdoors person, no matter where you hunt or what you hunt. It’s all about sharing knowledge and promoting the outdoor lifestyle.

Keep in mind; I’m discovering new products, hunting methods and destinations all the time. I’m learning all the time and I also learn from you, my viewer. I value your feedback.

To improve and grow our channel I must find a way to fund growth on our channel without compromising my integrity and selling out to manufacturers that would like to see more commercialized videos. We want to continue to produce great content for you and we need your financial support.

In order to earn your support, we have come up with incentives and set different levels of support. These incentives will help us give back to our supporters for their contribution. To see different support levels and benefits, click here.

I want to THANK YOU in advance for supporting our YouTube Channel by becoming a member of The High Road Team.

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