June 30, 2019

Night of Destruction in the Texas Hill Country Part 2 | The High Road with Keith Warren

“The High Road with Keith Warren” brings you another night of devastating hog hunting encounters. This time, Keith is also going after a great big boar hog that’s been terrorizing nearby deer pens.
June 23, 2019

Night of Destruction in the Texas Hill Country Part 1 | The High Road with Keith Warren

This week on “The High Road with Keith Warren,” Keith is under the cover of darkness once again to hunt and take down an infestation of Texas hill country hogs. Check out how Keith uses state of the art Pulsar equipment to get the job done.
December 28, 2018

Crazy 9 mm Carbine Deer Hunt with Tracer Bullet | Streak Ammunition

Keith Warren is at it again! Join us for another YouTube first where Keith shows us his incredible new gun and ammo- a 9 mm Sig Sauer MPX topped off with a night vision scope, the Photon RT 6x50S by Sightmark. Keith is testing out the 115 grain hollow point non incendiary tracer rounds made by Streak Ammunition. After some fun at the range, Keith heads to the deer stand to show just how much damage a perfectly placed 9 mm Streak Ammunition bullet can do on a Whitetail Deer. We could not have made this video without the help of the following companies: -Superior Firearms of Tyler, Texas - http://www.superiorgunshop.com -Streak Ammunition - https://www.ammoinc.com/streak-ammo/ -Timber Creek Outdoors - https://timbercreekoutdoorsinc.com -Sightmark - http://www.sightmark.com -Sig Sauer - https://www.sigsauer.com