July 5, 2019

Father-Son South Texas Deer Hunt | Flashback Friday

Who’s itchin’ for deer season?! We at The High Road are missing our favorite time of the year, hunting season, and wanted to share one of our favorite father/son hunts. We are flashing back to 2001 where Keith Warren and his son, Kolton, go on a South Texas deer hunt together on a ranch that was for sale. Watch as they both hunt for typical bucks using a Savage .270. Want to invest in a piece of land? Trying to sell your ranch and not having any luck??? Contact Matti Warren at mwarren@texasranchsalesllc.com or give her a call at 830-741-8906.
December 11, 2018

Mule Deer Spot n Stalk Hunt

Today we're throwing it back to The High Road 2009! Keith and his buddies head to Big Sky Country, Montana, to spot and stalk Mule Deer with a Savage Arms .270 Lightweight Hunter. Watch as Keith makes an incredible long distance shot and drops a trophy Mule Deer buck right in his tracks.