August 14, 2019

Warthog Hunt with Pistol

Today on The High Road’s YouTube channel, we’re taking you along an African Safari on a hunt for a warthog using a pistol! This isn’t any ordinary pistol, its the .308 Savage Stryker. Watch as we throw it back to one of Keith’s very first times in Africa through an episode of “Hunting and Outdoor Adventures”!
June 16, 2019

Air Rifle Hog Hunting at Hog Wild Adventures

This week on “The High Road with Keith Warren,” Keith and Matti are visiting Hog Wild Adventures; ground zero for feral hogs. Both Keith and Matti take down hogs using deadly air rifles topped off with Pulsar thermal scopes!
April 14, 2019

Trophy Whitetail Hunting at the Texas Hidden Springs Ranch

This week, “The High Road with Keith Warren” takes us back to the Lonestar State to Keith’s place, the Texas Hidden Springs Ranch. Watch as 3 hunters go after once in a lifetime typical frame trophy bucks and Matti celebrates her 23rd birthday.
December 21, 2018

Monster Buck taken with Double Barrel .50 Cal Air Gun at Legends Ranch

In todays video, catch a mashup of a few of our favorite hunts from episodes of The High Road. Be the first to see Matti's fall Black Bear hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada for the 2019 season of The High Road; watch Keith on an African safari spot and stalk for a massive Kudu he shoots at 300 yards; and last but certainly not least, Keith takes a long archery shot with his compound bow at a trophy Bull Elk. If you like and want more videos like this, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!
December 20, 2018

Worlds Best Camo | American Fair Chase Hunting Club

Check out the world’s best camouflage! Timmy Edwin, president of The American Fair Chase Hunting Club shows off his brand new camo and Keith Warren questions if all the technology involved in today’s camouflage is actually fair chase. What is your definition of fair chase? Starting January 1, The High Road will be starting a campaign encouraging hunters to unite and stop the infighting and elitism that is dividing hunters. We are encouraging hunters to use the hashtag #justshutupandhunt to let us know what fair chase is to them. To find out more about The American Fair Chase Hunting Club and take the pledge to be a uniter of all hunters, visit: