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  1. Coty Taylor says:

    Mr. Warren,
    I’ve recently purchased some land in pursuit of a dream of having a deer farm. I have been watching your videos for three years now so please keep up the great work you do for the business. I’ve learned so much from your shows. Hope to be a fellow deer farmer soon. Thanks,

  2. Gavin Vicknair says:

    Heyyyyyyyy Keith I love the idea of deer farming, and I think I want to start my own farm when I’m old enough thank you for the knowledge!

  3. Samuel Cruz says:

    Keith, I just registered, Love your show…

  4. Wes Chrysler says:

    Ever tried sardines in mustard sauce? They are my favorites! Also enjoy smoked oysters and kippered herring (Kipper Snacks). You gotta stay nourished during the long days in the stand. Will be talking with you again after all of the deer hunts are over this year. Wes

  5. Steve Hoover says:

    Hey Keith.
    We are looking to start a deer farm in Ohio we are just northeast of Cincinnati and live in the country… we have 10 acres available to start our farm but we need some guidance.. can you suggest anyone….

    Thanks Steve Hoover

  6. Brian Fyffe says:

    New to your show. Love it I’m a disabled veteran high functioning quad let’s get together and do some hog hunting or something I’m ready to go on a road trip Texas isn’t to terrible long drive about 12/15 hours depending on how far from Huston I believe

  7. Jim Crippen says:

    Sweet new ride, Keith! Should pull the “dead sled” in style! Especially like the the coyote control….keep em in check!

  8. Leonard Rogers Jr says:

    Love the show, I have been watching Keith for as long as I can remember.

  9. Lee Hawkins says:

    Thanks Keith

    Thought you guys had forgotten about me.

  10. Marty Kittle says:

    Brand new to this group, just wanted to say how much I enjoy The High Road. It is my favorite show to watch and the information you all put out is great. Never really watched shows like this until this year, due to some pretty severe medical problems I have had to live the life style I love thru my TV and as I said, your show is my absolute favorite.
    The show where you all went prairie dog hunting was great. I would love to one day do that with some friends.
    Please keep up the great times and you have gained a High Road fan most definately. I have a few more months of healing ahead of me and my 4 yr old daughter and I will continue to watch and enjoy.

  11. Tina Mayeaux says:

    New subscriber and I would like to know the gun Maddie shots
    I like the original colors she has on it and would like to do that to mine

  12. Jim Crippen says:

    Elk, now Stag….you are tagging the big ones, Matti! That bomb shelter was pretty surreal, Keith…bet it would make a great meat cooler! Keep em coming, y’all!

  13. Cain Garcia says:

    New subscriber and looking forward to all the new content/ information.

  14. Sherwood Byam says:

    Good job Mattie and Keith on your elk and mule deer. Keith is there any animal that you want to hunt but haven’t yet

  15. mario rodriguez says:

    Mario to Mattie ??????☃️❄️

  16. mario rodriguez says:

    Happy birthday Matte. Yahoo!
    I would figer it was pizzza or Mac and cheese
    Lol. or salid . 23 years old wow

  17. David Gill says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mattie. You know if you pull the gray hairs out more show up. Keith I haven’t forgot about the item I was making for you just haven’t been able to make it yet

  18. Jim Crippen says:

    600 lbs. of joy on the hoof… you get em, birthday girl! The High Road team rocks!

  19. Sherwood Byam says:

    Good luck on the 600 pound birthday present. It’s one of two animals elk or oryx most likely elk but a oryx hunt would be neat.

  20. Tyus Sanchez says:

    I have a 6.5 creedmoor and was think about getting a new gun what caliber would u recommend. I enjoy watching your videos not just because of the hunting but because of the respect u have for the nature around you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Tyus! A 6.5 is an all around great round. One of my favorite calibers is a 300 winmag because I am always 100% confident in it. It all depends on what you are going to use the rifle for.

  21. Arthur Cousatte says:

    Saw a show the Keith used a gun that shot an arrow. Is this on the market?

    • admin says:

      Hi Arthur, yes it is. It was either the .50 cal Dragon Claw or 357 Recluse. They are both PCP air rifles that can shoot either an arrow or slug/pellet. They can be purchased at pyramydair.com

  22. Bryce Wickman says:

    Hey Keith I love watching you’re Hunting videos they have so much information on how whitetails grow and act through the years keep up the content it keeps me coming for more.

  23. Oscar Espinoza says:

    Hi, I am fans to the high road with Keith warren, I love hunting deer too but here in my country, I would like to hunting in America with Keith Wareen, for me it is a dream, but I don’t have enough money for do that

  24. Jim Crippen says:

    Keith and Matti- Congrats on a successful whitetail hunt in Wyoming! Beautiful antelope and whitetail!
    Thank you also for including my hunt at your beautiful ranch on your VLOG…already planning on next year!
    Can’t wait to see the full video, and experience the joy of the hunt all over again! Y’all are the best!!

  25. Michael Burlison says:

    Mr keith do you hunt primitive weapon season and if so what caliber rifle do you use

  26. Buddy Poole says:

    Yeah Keith I’ve clicked on your videos couple of days ago and I’ve been watching them quite a bit im looking at purchasing some land in East Texas with a high fence and I would like to become a Deerfarm so I’ve been watching your videos learned quite a bit and I do appreciate that what you’re doing is great so I will continue to watch your Videos and then maybe contact some of the people that your video and to see just how the deer farming is done thank you

    • admin says:

      Howdy Buddy! Deer farming really is the dream job and I’m glad our videos/show has helped educate you on it. It is such a fulfilling job. If you are seriously interested in finding some property, Matti is a licensed Texas real estate agent that focuses on farm & ranch properties. Shoot her an email at mwarren@texasranchsalesllc.com and she can help you out.

  27. Jim Crippen says:

    Hey Keith and Matti!
    Loved the VLOG, and congrats on the bear, Matti! Still laughing about your night retrieval experience!
    You are absolutely right about Delta..I boycotted them 2 years ago. Fly American…more patriotic anyway!
    Cant wait for next VLOG! Take care, my friends!

  28. Steve Evans says:

    Loved the Red Stag show in the Ozarks! Wow!

  29. Steve Evans says:

    Surely enjoy your programs on tv! Happy to know they are all here as well! I’d love to meet you in person some day!

  30. Keith Gregory says:

    Just watched your Ozark Red Stag episode. Sure wish I would’ve known you were in my neighborhood back in June. I live right down at the end of that county road that you were hunting off of and had just retired from Caterpillar at that time. Being the typical big corporation, they screwed us retirees good and just hanging with you during that hunt would have been the highlight that made me forget all of that for awhile. It was definitely awesome watching the show , however. Thanks Keith

    Happy Hunting
    Keith Gregory

  31. William Robinson says:

    So far my Dragon claw has filled out 3 out of 4 hunts, 1 st hunt 1 buck 2 does 2 cd hunt 1 buck 1 doe 3rd hunt 1 buck 4th hunt nothing freezer full still have 2 more licenses for later on good season this year

  32. Jason Gentry says:

    Saw you on our cruise last year. I would love to hunt on your ranch!!!

  33. Michael Pelt says:

    Great show tonight Keith! You never disappoint!

  34. Larry Landry says:

    Awesome display of the evolution on the deer on your ranch! Great management

  35. Riaan Janse van Rensburg says:

    Hi from South Africa.

  36. Chad McLellan says:

    I’d love to work on your ranch for a weekend and just see the wildlife on your ranch and behind the scenes work that is done and necessary to make it work..

  37. Stacy Lewis says:

    Great ?

  38. Gabriel Escobar says:

    Badass shows you put on Kieth!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  39. David Gill says:

    Hope the “Salad” was good. Just wanted really to say Hey and VLOG is looking great. Love seeing what goes on behind the scenes Until next time

  40. EDWARD GOINGS says:

    Keith I hope this finds you well. I wanted to connect with you. I am new ranch owner of EC Whitetail Ranch in White Cloud, Michigan. I met you this year at the Michigan White Tail meeting in Mt Pleasant, MI. I would like to connect with you to get some advise about my ranch and what it takes to run a successful ranch. I have followed you for year and really respect your opinion about hunting and managing deer ranches. I can be reached at egoings@ecwhitetailranhc.com

  41. Bill Sharpe says:

    Thanks for the email keith!! Wisconsin bow season is now open i will be in the woods this weekend.we just had a front come through.lows in the low 40’s 9/26/2018 forcast mid 30? For low on the weekend should make for some good action!!!!

  42. Larry Johnston says:

    We Enjoy the show but recently cut the cord to the outrageous cable and satellite company’s prices ,so praying you make it to prime time someday ,work hard have fun

  43. Rob Simm says:

    Glad to hear from you again, Keith! With Texas archery season starting in four days, your website is a welcome reminder of all we have to look forward to this unusually cool, wet season. Wish us luck in Kendall County!

  44. David Anderson says:

    Like you show been watching you for many years you thank you for standing up for our veterans they need all the support they can get. Hunting for everything with everything from air -stick and string- and gun powder doesn’t get any better and thank you for standing up fora America- our 2nd amendment rights as well as our hunting rights-
    Keep on keeping on and watch your six
    David Earl

  45. Shane reynolds says:

    Thanks for the email! My daughter and I are now gearing up for the upcoming Kansas bow season! Most of my hunting season are spent taking my daughter and other kids hunting! It is a true passion of mine! Thanks for all the informative shows!

  46. Wes Chrysler says:

    What’s better than a Chinese restaurant? A Chinese Buffet! I will join you anytime you say…. The only way to make chop suey better is to throw some venison in the wok.

  47. DANIEL SPAIN says:

    Thanks for the email but mostly thanks for sharing all the info on the hunting world love your shows have a great season

  48. Paul Gamblin says:

    Looking forward to getting out into the woods this fall. It’s been 6 years since I could get out, and 10 years since I harvested a deer.

    Just getting out there will be a blessing.

  49. Dean Boltz says:

    Thanks Keith, I will be back to hunt sometime. I can’t get that Ranch if yours out of my mind. But next time I want you there too.

  50. Gregory Reese says:

    Thank you for getting ahold of me. I sure was missing your emails. I have been wanting to go to your place to hunt for quite a while. Unfortunately I went blind in my right eye after a fall on a fishing trip with my son I Florida the day after Christmas this past year. I still love to take my kids out and see them be successful either hunting or fishing. So I still hope to get out to your place sometime and meet you. I love your shows and wish I could be there. Right now my sons would like to hunt a nice Axis buck. My daughter already has one but would like a nice whitetail buck. For myself, I am having a hard time getting around anymore. Having retired from the Fire Service after 45 years has taken its toll, but still love the job as much as hunting, and wish I was still doing it.

    Again I hope to meet you sometime soon.

  51. morrison jon says:

    I am 73 years old. A Vietnam disabled vet. and a big fan of yours. My disability is ptsd, so I am lucky to not have lost limb or anything worst, because I am able to hunt. I love hunting and at my age that is what really keeps me going. Your shows are some of the best on television and I should know, because I watch them all. I would love to go on a deer hunt with you sometime. I know a lot of people ask to go with you and there is not enough to go around, LOL You are a real fine example and a great role model for all of us. God Bless America , Jon Morrison, Columbus, Georgia

  52. Mike Phillips says:

    I really like your show. Keep up the good work

  53. Parry Tomlin says:

    Love your show

  54. Nathaniel Ashley says:

    Love your show! I have been watching since I was a little kid

  55. hank Boulet says:

    I love your shows.Iam 71 years young love to hunt with my cva 50 cal. pistol.

  56. Jeff Vonurff says:

    Glad to be a member of your team. Hope to get out to your place a hunt some time !!

  57. William Durham says:

    70 year old disabled vet who can still hit the woods. Really like th show and enjoy watching you have so much fun.

  58. Sherwin Taylor says:

    Awesome program, love all the information, and education, keep it going

  59. Myron L. Knepp says:

    you good information on here!!!

  60. Jarrod Brown says:

    Awesome program, love all the information, and education, keep it going

  61. Don L Staggs says:

    Been watching your show forever and love it!! Killed my first deer in the 8th grade. Love the outdoors!! Love your show!!

  62. Roger Calvert says:

    30 year Army Combat Veteran. Wounded Warrior. From Kentucky. Love the show.

  63. Nic Hodson says:

    My son and I love your show. Especially the air rifle episodes. I thank you for the effort you put into your show, it really helps my boy understand the work that goes into hunting.

  64. Robert Holcombe says:

    I came across your show a couple of years ago. I enjoy the fact that you stay true to yourself. Great show.

  65. Patrick LaRoche says:

    Do like all of your episode on utub

  66. Adarsh K says:

    Sir in india we don’t have licenced but you were legend on hunting and firing with son on deer,pig,Turkey your guts for saluatr

  67. Ken Wilson says:

    Keith love the show especially your hunts in Texas. I love it in Texas and hog hunt in south Texas every year. Keep up the good hunts!

  68. Gimmie Erb says:

    Hi Keith,
    Just want to say I am excited about joining your team. How can I get in contact with you, my husband is wanting to know some information on the deer farm in Kentucky. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  69. Will Adair says:

    I just watched you hand feeding HEAVY and I think I’m jealous. I have hunted lots of deer but I have never had an interaction like that. So cool!

  70. Tyler Watson says:

    Wow !!!! Been watching your vids on YouTube and it’s exciting stuff really appreciate all your tips and trick got me real excited for this years deer season.

  71. Bryan Collins says:

    I watched my first episode of your show from legends ranch I live in Michigan after seeing your I’ve decided to hunt this year at the ranch

  72. Jody Vaughan says:

    Hi Keith, just wanted to say hi. I just joined the team and I have been watching your shows for a long time. It’s great that you share your wealth of knowledge with everyone and keep doing what you do!

  73. David Gill says:

    Texas Angler 2.0 I like it.

  74. Corey Allen says:

    Hello Mr Warren,

    Kinda cool you are still around. Live and grew up in New Braunfels and rememeber waking up every Saturday to watch your show. Now 20+ years later you are still around doing what you do best and my son is getting to watch your show. Thank you for doing what you do and promoting it in such a way that it can be enjoyed by all ages. Thank you for being an avid hunter, conservationist, breeder, and all around christian person. I met Matti a few months back when she was caring for some dogs that someone else owned and had gotten loose. I called the number on the tag and she showed up. She is a wonderful young lady and as a father you should be very proud.

  75. Lee James says:

    I have been watching you for many years Keith thanks you for being you!
    I could only dream to get the chance to hunt your place.
    God bless.

  76. Kenneth Swarts says:

    Hi Keith , hope you’re doing well and the hunting and fishing has been good. I was just wondering if you had to choose 2 rifles out of all you’ve owned and shot which would you choose for the all around type of hunting you do across the globe and what 2 bullet weights would you use for all around hunting with them and the benefits of those calibers and bullet weights . Be safe from all the bugs and ticks , hope to hear from you . I watch your videos every chance i get , keep it up. Sincerely Kenneth Swarts

    • admin says:

      My two favorite calibers are .270 because it can take down anything in North America and .300 win mag because it puts a whopping on anything and I’m very confident in it. .270 is generally cheaper to buy, which is a plus! I appreciate you watching and taking the time to reach out. God bless!

  77. David Williamson says:


  78. Anthony Grigg says:

    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the High Road team.

  79. Henry Schroeder says:

    Hi there Kieth, I just joined the High Road Team. Glad to be here. I enjoyed the videos on You Tube.

  80. Tim Whisenant says:

    Kieth Thank you So Much for Continuing to pass on Some wholesome things to our Younger Generations. I have enjoyed watching you on many programs for years. I really like the name The High Road. I believe that’s the road we should take no matter what activity we choose to be a part of. Good Luck and God Bless

  81. Christopher Franklin says:

    Really enjoy your videos on YouTube!

  82. Kevin Janson says:

    Thank you for the great videos on your YouTube channel.

    Kevin Janson

  83. Anthony Rincon says:

    Name your rifle THE BIG GREEN legand

  84. Denise Lourcey says:

    New rifle name: The Green Machine

  85. Darryl Morse says:

    Call the baboon Ole red

  86. Jim Crippen says:

    Howdy Keith!
    Loved the VLOG…Happy 4th ro you and yours!
    Is that baboon the one you got with the crossbow? I laugh like Hell everytime I watch him weasel up and grab those oranges like a greedy old man. Even better is the look on his face when you drop the hammer on him! You ought to name him “Ebeneezer”!
    Take care!

  87. Dakota Bryant says:

    Hello Mr.Warren I am 15 years old and was born and raised in the USA I live and reside in Virginia and I was 4 when I was introduced into hunting and I havnt killed anything since I was brought into it and I was always thought to shoot to kill not shoot to wound and I was wondering If i could get ur advice on something…… my rifle bolt doesn’t fire every time I pull the trigger….. it’s a .243 rifle with a 6×42 varmint scope on it I was just wondering if u had any advice that u could share

    • Steven Assmann says:

      I would give it a good cleaning and get a more powerful firing pin spring. Contact the manufacturer for further information and replacement parts.
      I had the same issue with my 3006 and I replaced the spring and now it fires every shot. Good luck .

    • admin says:

      My advice is to take it to a gunsmith before ever firing it again and have it fixed. DO NOT shoot it the way it is. It is dangerous!!!

  88. Will Adair says:

    Mr. Warren,

    I love everything you stand for! I am a Canadian by birth but I got out of the army a few years ago and am in the process of trying to move to the states. I have always loved the USA and always feel at home when I am there. I will be heading down to Texas in the fall with my rv and would be thrilled to help you with anything I can. I honestly believe that people like yourself are the ones safe guarding everything that people seem to take for granted these days. Like I said I will be coming down to Texas this fall and I would be happy to help with anything I can. Please feel free to call me anytime. And thanks so much for taking the High Road!


    • admin says:

      Hey Will! Thanks for watching and all the kind words. We need more people like you. I appreciate the offer, I’m pretty much gone the entire fall on the road for hunting season. I hope you love Texas, get some Mexican food and enjoy the heat! Thanks for watching

  89. Tony Magee says:

    Hey Keith I watch your show a lot you hunting in Africa with the air rifle which I love so much and hunting red stag in the Ozark and pig hunting with your daughter and the other daughter on her 21 birthday, I’m retired disabled veterans living in Fort Worth, I grew up hunting and fishing in Mississippi and now I’m looking forward to getting back to hunting and fishing thank you for your show and the good hunting tips as well and I watch your other show as well have blessed day

  90. Jim Crippen says:

    Hey Keith and Matti,

    Great VLOG, but sorry you had to deal with those bugs…that looked rough! Hope you got the bear.
    Matti, how’d the stew turn out? Keep cooking, chef!

  91. Jorg Kruger says:

    Good day Mr.Warren.
    Thank you for all you do for the hunting community and your effort to pull them together. It is a very controversial subject here in South Africa as well(Heck, I would think world wide). As you say, its all about the hunt.
    Hunters are such a small community in the large of things but yet play such an huge role in the grand scheme of nature.
    Yes we as hunters kill animals ,but no burger,steak or schnitzel humans eat just appears out of thin air.But the best part of hunting is that you as a hunter has to work for your food and not just open a fridge door in your local supermarket. (And have the added benefit of meat that is not saturated with all kinds of chemicals,hormones,antibiotics etc.)
    Thank you once again for an awesome show and preaching the age old tradition which is called hunting.
    Kind regards from Cape Town, South Africa.

    • admin says:

      You’re so right. Its a crazy world that we live in and people either get it, or they don’t. I try to share all aspects of the joy of the hunt, from travel, to the hunt, to respecting the harvest after the hunt. It’s all important and its pretty cool to have a freezer full of organic meat that I know where it came from!

  92. Jay Richards says:

    Thank you for standing up for our rights as hunters.I hope that hunters are able to hunt for years to come.

  93. Jay Richards says:

    I just registered now and I love your show. I also love the things you stand for thank you.

  94. Steve Hallford says:

    Just registered. I’ve enjoyed your show for years. I appreciate you and the eloquence you communicate on behalf of hunters everywhere! If you’re ever in Georgia during the fall, I’d welcome the opportunity to have you as a guest at my hunting club in Monticello (Jasper County is “The Deer Capital of Georgia.”)

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Steve! I appreciate the message more than you know. I won’t be in Georgia this fall, but potentially in the spring. I appreciate the invite! Keep on keeping on brother

  95. Adam Toth says:

    Hoping too see some great vids

  96. Glenn Babcock says:

    Just registered, hope to see some great videos and some good hunting.

  97. Wes Chrysler says:

    Northern Oregon to Southern Texas is quite a drive, but if I was closer, I would love to come and help you at the ranch. It looks like the soil is mostly sand and easy to dig. I am pretty good with the purple primer and glue.

  98. Roberto Montalvo says:

    New fan, I started hunting 2 years now or at least attempted at the time I have not harvested any animal but hope this year with all the tips I am getting from you and others @ the Pursuit channel I will get one this yr. Florida is not an easy State to hunt but I will try to change that, later I will try to start a deer farm and work my way from there. When I am ready I will contact you or one of the many Deer Farmers that you have shown on one of your shows (Deer & Wild Life Stories) hopfully I can invite You to spend time after I get every thing settled. God bless you and everyone that makes your show run.

    • admin says:

      Howdy Roberto! Thanks for all the kind words and welcome to the hunting community. I wish you luck and absolutely contact me when you’re ready for your deer farm. I love helping people get started. God bless!

  99. Timothy Kimbrell says:

    Howdy Keith, I’ve been a long time fan an follower of the High Road series. My brother Bud and I own 100 acres not far from the Red River near the Panhandle here in Texas. I’ve learned a lot from you while watching your videos. I understand why you originally high fenced your ranch from watching the video of the fall out with your neighbors. I’m sure they are nice folks but need to learn more about wildlife conservation.
    The great thing about our property is, for the most part, it’s surrounded by large, long time, family owned and operated cattle ranches. Hundreds to thousands of acres in size. Low fenced with free range big deer and yes great tasting hogs. All these ranches support hunting and conservation and do regulate the hunting on their property, although there have been a few hiccups with some of their hunters on one of the properties. We and a most of our neighbors corn feed year round. As you may know Hardeman Co. grows some very large deer considered by the TPW Biologists to be a hi-bread deer, whitetail and mule deer mix which produce bucks in the 200-250lb class. It can get very dry up here, as it does throughout Texas. We have a small seasonal, man made stock tank, however we also have water points at all of our 7 feeders that we try to keep full so the deer can get a cool drink after filling up on corn. We may be starting a little late in the year but in this video you mentioned supplements and this weekend we are going to start supplementing protein to the corn in our feeders. We have 10 cams clicking pics night day and this years deer numbers are looking very good, to say the least.
    As you do, when it’s not deer season we hunt hogs, coyotes, dove, quail and we even have a neighbor to our South with large Prairie dog towns. So when we’ve taken care the deer’s food and water needs we do some predation hunts and eat fairly well ourselves. Good luck with you new website Keith and God bless you and your family. I hope to meet you someday and shake your hand sir.

    • Keith Warren says:

      Sounds like y’all have a great deal going on up there and fortunate to have the neighbors you do. Big mule deer are my favorite! Thanks for following.

    • admin says:

      It sounds like you’ve got one heck of a place, Tim! Thats awesome. I appreciate you watching and would love to shake your hand too. Take care!

  100. Jerry Battoe says:

    Well I would strongly suggest your daughter trade it in and put a Dodge Dakota in her garage!

  101. Dave Jobe says:

    I thought you would have a black lab.

    • Keith Warren says:

      I love labs and one day I may get another. Had to put my last one down four years ago and it’s just not time yet for another. In order to have a good dog, you must spend time with them with they are pups as you know. I am way too busy right now to spend the needed time with one. Someday soon, I hope.

  102. Macario Sanchez says:

    Hello Keith, I just wanted to say I love your show and respect everything you do for the hunting and conservation communities. Ive watched your show for years and enjoyed all of them. Even though I’m only 19 I can say you are one of the best role models in the hunting community for up coming hunters. And I’m glad to say I’m am now registered here on the highroad website.

  103. BOB KRUDWIG says:


    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Bob and thanks for taking the time to follow and write. You are so right on about your question on killing deer when CWD is found. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. There is such a loss of potential research when they kill off deer. Plus, it’s never ever stopped CWD, ever. Deer farms are the only ones that are doing research on CWD that is meaningful. While different state agencies all respond in their own ways, deer farmers are making huge strides in learning more about the disease and how to deal with it in the future. Killing deer to prevent them from getting a disease is stupid. Thanks again!

  104. Michael Howell says:

    Good Morning Keith from Arkansas! I hope you pile up a mess of Hogs tonight. Sure wish I was there with you Popping Some Pigs upside the head! Y’all have fun, but more than anything else, BE SAFE! Hope to see you some time this fall or after the first of the year for my Doe Hunt!

  105. Charles Lina says:

    I love your show. Hope when I move back to Texas, I will get to do some hog hunting with my Gamo.

  106. Kevin Lowe says:

    Love the NRA and your show
    Name your rifle, ” Sugar Ray “; after the greatest professional boxer.
    Sugar Ray Lenard.

  107. Kevin Lowe says:

    Love the NRA and your show

  108. David Gill says:

    Hey Bud
    I haven’t posted in a while. What was wrong with Ol Red? Also loved last weeks VLOG as it had a special guest in it namely ME. Thanks for visiting with me and my friend at NRA, Glad Mattie was there haven;\’t seen her in 5 years or so. Been trying to get around to your surprise I promised but you know how it goes. I’ll get it to you one day soon hopefully. Anyway thought I’d say HEY Be safe and Good Hunting

    • Keith Warren says:

      Old Red needed ball joints and some rear wheel bearing seals. He’s running good now though. We are off to Canada to chase Boo Boo and get in some cooler weather. Been way too hot down here at the ranch. Good to hear from you my friend.

  109. Eduardo Hernandez says:

    Maaaaaan! I´m glad to be part of this community!
    My name is Eduardo Hernandez and I have been watching your videos for a few years ago!
    Greetings from Honduras!
    Thanks for teaching us this beautiful art and life style!

  110. willie williams says:

    dear keith,
    I am glad to get a chance to speak with you.
    I love your show,i just wish I could afford some
    of the products you hunt with,especially the rifle
    with the fully suppressed barrel for hog and deer
    hunting.i tried to purchase a rifle like that but it was
    very costly.i lost five deer this past season because
    every time I shoot it is late in the evening,when I try
    to find the deer the next morning it has been stolen.
    eventually I will finance a suppressed rifle.
    take care talk to you soon.
    sensei the hunter!

    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Willie. Appreciate you following. My suggestion is to try to shoot your deer so there is no tracking. That way you can get to them before someone else does. Glad you are on The High Road.

  111. Paul Mason says:

    Hello Keith
    My name is Paul I was introduced to air gun rifle about 4 years ago and have seen what they can do I have bought one for my brother so he can continue his hunting passion it was great to see you take one on your trip to Africa and to see you take a awesome Cape buffalo myself I enjoy my regular rifles mostley my Winchester mod 94 in 32 special that was built in 1945
    I have lived my whole life in VT but now live in KY since I lost my wife in July of 2017 and I see as of last year they have passed a law to allow air rifle with a caliber of .35 or larger so now I am thinking of getting one for myself and retire my Winchester for one main reason I was recently injured and have lost all my feeling and motion in my dominate arm
    I really enjoy seeing the show and what info you share with everyone happy hunting and maybe one of these days we might meet up and share some stories
    Thank Paul

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    Hey Keith. I’m an avid sportsman and love anything that involves the outdoor industry. I live in the mountains of West Virginia on the Kentucky/Ohio line. In the summer I love the preparation of whitetail hunting for upcoming fall and fishing on local lakes for largemouth bass. Like many states right now, the deer population are taking a big hit from CWD,predator overpopulation, and other various reasons. The next state over in Ohio they’re only allowed to harvest one antlered deer a year and like many Midwest states, you start receiving huge whitetails. Do you think West Virginia is a state where they should implement hunting regulations like this so more eastern states start looking like Midwest states for trophy whitetail hunting. Also West Virginia is allowing for the first time a 2 week hunt in late January. In my opinion this is already hurting the current situation with the whitetail population and during that timeframe, a lot of does are starting to become pregnant. Is this going to effect West Virginia whitetails or is this a blessing to get two more weeks of being in the woods? Thanks for everything you do Keith! Sincerely Brock

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    Hi Keith I have been an avid hunter since I turned 12 years old which back then was the legal hunting age here in Pa. It’s always been a dream of mine to film my own hunts and start my own show. I’m on a budget and I’d be self filming. What advice do you have for a starter filming system with a lapel microphone? I think I’ve seen where you can get a lapel microphone for yoursmartphone. Is that legit? Sincerely Cory

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    Just got thru watching the hog hunting show 05/10/2018. Your daughter was hunting with you and the comments on the Ar 10 & 15 was very very good for all of us American’s that hunt with these fine rifles. I have three 223,308,6.8 cal all are supreme hunting round’s. Both my dad and I want to thank you personally for standing up for all of us.
    Thank you again
    John E dunn Jr

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    I just watched the episode on the Texas hog hunt . I have my first comment . PLEASE do not prop your gun against your truck whether unloaded or loaded. In most states that is illegal besides very dangerous. I like your shows and watch when I can. Thank You

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    The sling style shoulder holster you were using in that episode is just what I’m looking for and I’m hoping you could get back to me and let me know where i could get one thanks from a big fan of your show.

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    I really like your African “friend”! Is that the one that stole the oranges and you got with the crossbow? Loved that video.
    Btw, save one of those beautiful Texas Hidden Springs bucks for me for October…maybe I’ll get the one with the monster sheds! Best to Matti and the team…can’t wait to hunt and cook with y’all!!

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    sorry my englis writing is not so good love your programs leep up the good fight
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  148. David Gill says:

    If you need help you know who to call. It only takes me about 4 hours to get there. I can also fix that mailbox

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    • Keith Warren says:

      It’s a rapidly changing world for sure and the way they are silencing us should scare everyone. When will they come and silence each of us? Because, it will happen. That is why we hope that everyone comes to our website to watch videos rather than continue to rely on YouTube.

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    • Keith Warren says:

      Hell Dan. I’d think about Oklahoma before Texas. Texas is rapidly becoming so liberal that I’m even considering moving north of the river. Seriously.

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    BEFORE what’s left of us Buy the Farm

    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy John. That is a great idea. How about you trying to gather they guys up and see who all would come? I know Andy and Dave will be there. I don’t have any contact with others unfortunately. Been a long time.

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    • Keith Warren says:

      Thanks Greg. I just think it is time that we stand up and say enough is enough. We have the ability to make decisions every day. Let’s stand with those that stand with us.

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    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Jim. Sorry for the delay in responding but I’ve been in between computers and hopefully this transition won’t take me too long. I really don’t like these things! The fawn is doing well so far and hopefully will have a full recovery soon. I know he’s got to be more ready than I am. We are looking forward to October as well. It can’t come quick enough!

  173. Jim Crippen says:

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    I really like the new vlog format, and the content is great as always. I was especially impressed with your surgical skills…hope the deer is recuperating well! Can’t wait to hear the feedback on the new 6.5 Creedmore…looks sweet! Take care, keep ’em coming, and really looking forward to October hunt!

    Jim C.

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    Keith if you want I’ll frame it for you might be your next sponsor. I can see it now The High Road sponsored by ……….Boot Company “even if you don’t get your game at least your feet look and feel great”

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    I really liked this VLOG. It contained a little bit of lots of things. I really enjoyed the clips at the ranch and am glad you are planning more on your activities there. Doing this VLOG takes time from your busy schedule. I appreciate you taking the time to share the VLOG with us. Will continue to monitor your sites and support your efforts for us.

    Thanks, Wes

  177. David Gill says:

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    • Keith Warren says:

      At some point, I will be reaching out to you regarding Protect The Harvest and trying to get something working that makes a difference. Appreciate it David

  178. Jim Crippen says:

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    Love the pics of the ranch, and especially the picnic table!! Looks like it’s big enough for a huge cookout spread this coming October…Matti, break out the grill and let’s do some cooking!
    Keith, let me know if I can do anything to support Lucas Oil’s “Protect the Harvest”…it looks like a great program, and deserving of our support!
    Take care, y’all, and keep up the great work!
    Best regards,
    Jim C.

    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Jim. Matti loves the cookbook and I’m looking forward to having you down in October and showing you the best der hunt you’ve ever had. Regarding Protect The Harvest, I’m working to try to help those folks out and feel like people like you and others that are members of The High Road Team are like minded and see the importance of their efforts. They are the only group that is organized to fight animal rights groups and the HSUS.

  179. Sherwood Byam says:

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    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Sherwood. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Been slammed busy and unable to get to responding until now. Matter of fact, I’m heading out the door to go to HSR to work on a video project we have going now. By the way, the hogs have not had anything to worry about lately. Weather has been lousy and good for hogs as it’s kept me and my Pulsar gear inside. Thanks for being a member of The High Road Team.

  180. Michael Howell says:

    You know what I love about this VLOG? I’ve been there! I’ve seen it! I can relate to everything you were talking about up to and including your cats, and for someone who’s not a CAT GUY (because I’m not either and I’ve got 8 of them hanging around the house that I feed), I’ve met all of yours and they were all just as friendly as they could be, and in some cases, over friendly and wouldn’t get out of your lap or let you stand up without clinging on because they weren’t done being rubbed yet. I love your place there. It’s homey, it’s cozy, it’s just right for what we came to do, and Chris is a wonderful cook. I’m praying God gives me a cure so that I can come back someday and do it again, spend some more time with you, and light that pit and just sit outside, relax and just talk. We didn’t get to do a lot of that, but getting to meet you was a blast. I know you still don’t believe me to this day, but I paid for a hunt to come and meet you firstly. Anything beyond that was just icing on the cake. I had no doubts about the deer, or the quality of deer, or amount or if I’d get one or not, or what it’d look or be like, but to come home with the monster that I did, and for my son to take one of the most awesome deer that was so rock solid and so symmetrical and large for a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old deer was such a phenomenal thing to witness. I think I was more elated over his deer and the smile on his face and how proud he was over his trophy. All the money in the world was worth that and it’s a memory that I will cherish for what days I have left on this earth. God is so good to us to give us opportunities, i.e. you to be a ranch owner and to have built your place into such a quality ranch for people to come hunt and have such wonderful experiences like my son and I had, and he is so good to give me the opportunity to be one of those hunters to be able to come make memories like that and share it with my oldest son. And again we are so blessed that God has given you the opportunity and the talent to stand in front of a camera and to make good, clean, informative, and educational video’s and to air them for individuals to learn from and witness what a great nation we have to be afforded the opportunity to hunt. God Bless You my friend. I pray God continues to shower blessings down upon you, and I pray God gives me more opportunities to come hunt with you in the future, be it there at your place, or maybe at the Legends Ranch up in Michigan. Either place would be fine with me just as long as I’d get to spend some time with you, shoot the breeze so to speak, break bread, and just sit back and relax and have an enjoyable time. Take Care Keith, you and Maddi keep up the great work.


    Mike Howell
    Mena, Arkansas

    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Mike. Hope you and Kris are well. Things with us are good and busy. It’s starting to warm up and the bucks are loosing their headgear. Can’t wait until summer to see what they put on next. Appreciate the comments on VLOG. My only issue is finding the time to respond to everybody, both on VLOG and on our YouTube Channel. But, I guess that’s a good problem to have. Stay in touch bud and you are in my prayers.

  181. David Gill says:

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  182. David Gill says:

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    Love that BMG! Can’t wait to see the results from the field testing…I am sure they are incredible.
    Keep the vlogs coming! Looking forward to October..

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    • Keith Warren says:

      Howdy Corey. Appreciate you being a member of THR Team. Sorry it’s been so long in me getting back to you. Let me know what you think about the new style of VLOG. Thanks again!

  185. Jim Crippen says:

    Hey Keith and Matti- thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait to come hunting and cooking with y’all in October!
    Take as much joy and respect in the preparation of the game as you do in the harvest, and you honor both the animal and the hunt.
    Best regards,
    Jim C.